Heavy Duty Outdoor Mobile Cranes

Mammoet Netherlands is the world’s largest and most modern crane manufacturing company with the fleet of heavy
lifting equipment from 10-ton all-terrain cranes to in-house developed PTCs, in the 5000-ton lifting class. These cranes are highly versatile cranes may serve different mode of industries.

Mammoet has a range of cranes including Pedestal and SK Cranes, Ring and Crawler Cranes, Rough and All Terrain Mobile Cranes, Tower and Terminal Cranes.

The company has also the range of transport products like Self Propelled Modular Transport (SPMT), Self Propelled Trailer (SPTs), Conventional Trailers, Trailer Power Assists, Prime Mover and Heavy Duty Cars. Other products like Hydo Deck, Mega Jack, Push Up System, Tower Gantry, Hydraulic Gantry, Hydraulic and Strand Jack Systems, Weighing, Skidding and Ballast Systems as well as the Winches are the parts of their extensive range.